"The Sinful Nature" Special Silent Auction

Jun 2, 2009  -  Jun 5, 2009

FELLINI Gallery, in collaboration with JW. MARRIOTT will stage a Silent Auction in Beijing from June 2 - 5, 2009. Contemporary artworks being presented are the most renowned pieces in the world.

"The Sinful Nature" -  Enlightenment of  SIN of the  mankind is the realization of the moment when  SIN realizes that SIN is NATURE itself.   SIN features the artists D Hwang, Jiang Yongjie, He Min, Pan Ning, Rong Zhi, Pang Yong, Feng Fangyu, Huang Jin, Xue Feng, Yang Shenzhong, Wang Yaohua, Lu Wei, Jessica Xu, Chen Jingdong, Zhang Bo, and Euraclus.