Butterfly From The Kaleidoscope

Jul 24, 2014  -  Sep 24, 2014

A sequel group exhibition featuring an ambitious showcase of emerging artists: Kwang-Hwa CHUNG, Woojung HOH, Jeong-Woo LEE, Sang-Won LEE, Soon-Young LEE, Hyunjung LIM, Jung-Yeon MIN, You Kyeong OH, Shoi, Ji-Yeon SUNG, Ji-Eun YOON and Keum Dong Won,  linked to last years' show titled "Butterflies out of Eden". The word "Kaleidoscope" refers to a cylinder containing three mirrors, placed at 60 degree angles facing each other, with small objects that rotate inside.  When one looks in the cylinder, the tumbling objects make colorful symmetrical patterns.  The butterfly finds itself in such a situation, and goes out again; out of the paradigmatic mathematical kaleidoscopic cocoon, out of the transient anonymous fragmented symbiotic postmodern womb, out of a meaningless infinity of colorful reflections.  Finally one may personally witness here, creators making their own defined realms of freedom.