Kwang-Hwa Chung

South Korea

Kwang-Hwa Chung

Chung Kwanghwa’s artistic technique is the casting of objects like cars out of gypsum. These objects are presented in a fading white environment. The visual elements in his works are situated within the space between appearance and disappearance. Their most important meaning is to remind us that our memories are accurate in part, but are often influenced by circumstance and contain elements of invention. Instead of casting memories, the artist materialises them. The displayed scenery is white like a movie-screen, and we can project onto it whatever we like. It is as flexible as the mental imagery we use to project onto our present reality and to give meaning to everyday life. The casting-process leaves behind inchoate lines on the generated elements. Imperfection is part of this materialisation. The surface must be incomplete and undefined to reveal the multitude of memory.

Artist Statement
Kwanghwa Chung deals with the question of memory, it is about a personal thinking system in different human mental operations, backgrounds and environments, which is superordinate idea to memory. It could be a question of ethnic particularity or personally unique identity.“Depending on what and when you remember, you remember different parts of the same object or event. Because of such nature of memory, I came to think of the way of 'repetition'’.

Artist bio
After having received a diploma from the Chugye Art University, engraving speciality in 2001, he (born in Seoul in South Korea in 1974), moved to Paris to follow a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Paris 1 University Pantheon-Sorbonne, which he completed in 2007. He has been part since 2005 of numerous collective shows and solo shows in Europe and South Korea.

2007 Licence d’Arts Plastiques, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France
2001 Licence d’Arts Plastiques, option gravure, Université d’art Chugye, South Korea

Solo Exhibitions
2013 « Subtle vibration » Trunk gallery, Seoul « C KH. » MCL(Maison de la Culture et de Loisir), Metz 
2012 « Look! I found my car again » Maria Lund gallery , Paris

Group Shows
2014 « Gift New Acquisition» Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2013 « Butterfly out of Eden» Fellini gallery, Berlin
2012 « Plant island in a flower pot » Atelier Gustav, Paris « To Permeate » Espace des Arts Sans Frontier, Paris
2011 « Iconoplast » Galerie Evi Gougenheim, Paris, France
2011 « Westpakete » Microwesten, Regensburg, Germany
2011 « Westpakete » Microwesten, Berlin, Germany
2010 « Corée(s) dos à dos » Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris, France
2010 « Vestiges Materiels » Galerie Paris 8, Saint Denis, France
2009 « Sens corporel » Espace Cinq Etoiles, Paris, France
2009 « L’amour invisible d’un ours polaire jaune » Espace des Arts Sans frontières, Paris, France
2009 « Passage 2009 » Universal Cube, Leipzig, Germany
« Toujours aujourd’hui » Galerie Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, Switzerland
2006 « De dans, de hors » Galerie Crous Beaux-Arts, Paris
2005 « P.I.O.U » Château de la petite Malmaison, Rueil-Malmaison, France
2000 « Blinde Love » the second art factory show, Usine de Sempio, Seoul, South Korea
1999 « 100e anniversaire de KNR(- Korean National Railroad) », Musée de chemin de fer, Seoul,South Korea
« 19th KCPA (– Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association) Exhibition », Seoul Modern ArtMuseum, South Korea
2009 Winner of « concours Paris jisung pour les jeunes artistes », France

Art Fairs
2012 Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Evi Gougenheim


Public Collection

Seoul Museum of Art (Korea), Berlin


Press and Publications

2013 Contemporary Literature, Seoul, November, vol 707

2012 Mois de la Photo off, Paris, November

2009 Selected for Young Artist Parisjisung Award