The Ever-Changing Artist

May 23, 2009  -  Jul 14, 2009

"We are surrounded and embraced by her. Powerless to separate ourselves from her, and powerless to penetrate beyond her." Nature, she is the only Artist!

FELLINI Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present "The Ever-Changing Artist", a group exhibition of mixed works ranging from oil paintings, photography, sculpture, mixed media, and video installations by artists Chen Jingdong (oil painting), Huang Jin (oil painting), Pan Ning (oil painting), Qu Weiwei (mixed materials on paper), Si Mao (oil painting), Wang Yaohua (oil painting), Zhang Bo (oil painting) and special collaborations with international visual artist Sergio Tarantino (mixed media and photography).

Come for an introspective view of art and how art is the real true artist behind everything and everyone. International and local artist linked to NATURE will be present and will help you navigate a world, which keeps changing but at the same time it hasn't changed at all.