Aug 2, 2013  -  Oct 5, 2013

ME, MY SPHERE, AND I presents the artist as careful observer and conveyor. Uniting 7 artists working in a diverse range of mediums, each drive their concept through the strong, symbiotic relationship involved with their media, ultimately their vehicle for expression, in correspondence with an understanding of their own personal surroundings.

Although disparate in their aesthetic, collectively each artist deals with an interpretation and subjective reflection on relationship with space, surroundings, object and experiences or, as the title of the show more intimately suggests, their relationships within the sphere of self.

Acting simultaneously as a receptor and transmitter the artist presents these works as a small window into each of their own respective worlds, the vortex in which we are invited to enter. As the viewer we become a porous being - much like the artists materials - a form full of potential with own personal interpretations.

Through the personal language of each artist we are invited to converse in a manner that may seem foreign or unfamiliar and must find our own voice to think subjectively, making our own personal connections and reflections with the work. - Lara Merrington, 2013