Emiliano Fernández de Rodrigo


Emiliano Fernández de Rodrigo


Born in 1980 in Argentina, Emiliano began his career studying Forestry and Fine Arts at the National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires after which he finally decided to de- dicate his career to photography. He studied at the Argentinean School of Photography and participated in workshops with recognized argentinean and international photographers. His works have been exhibited among the others in: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, La Plata (Argentina), Adelaide (Australia), Cali (Colombia) and Berlin (Germany).

Between 2008 and 2011 Emiliano travelled through New Zealand, Australia, India, Bur- ma, Thailand, Singapore, Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Germany, where he worked on and developed his work The Links, awarded by the Centre of Photography in Montevideo (Uruguay) and made into a publication in 2012 is part of the collection of the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Berlin.

Emiliano has participated in “culturia” Art Residency, Berlin in 2013 and recently received a grant and an invitation for an Art Residency by Horbach Fundation in Köln, 2014.

Solo Exhibitions

2012 "Los vínculos", UCEMA. BA. (AR)

"Retratos de Familia", Galería Pisouno, La Plata. (AR)

2008 "Retratos de Familia", MUGAFO. C.C. Malvinas, La Plata. (AR)


Group Shows

2013 "What Surrounds. II II // I”, Project Space, Berlin

"Natural/ Artificial", Fotogalería FCE, Córoba (AR)

"Non Space",  Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

2012 "Los Vínculos", TRAPDOOR, Berlin

2011 "Los Minutos", Lugar a Dudas. Cali (COL)

"Noches Pintadas", Red Poles Gallery. McLarenVale (AUS)

2008 "Ellos", XV Festival de la Luz. C.C. Recoleta. BA (AR)

"0221 La Plata Se Muestra", Córdoba, Rosario y BA (AR)

"Feria Efímera" La Plata (AR)

2007 "0221 La Plata Se Muestra", Córdoba, Rosario y BA (AR)

2006 "Pasajes Urbanos", Teatro Argentino, La Plata (AR)

2005 "Por una vida libre de violencia", Pasaje Dardo Rocha, La Plata (AR)

2004 "El Silencio del Tren", Festival de la Luz. Pilar. BA (AR)