Apr 16, 2015  -  Jun 16, 2015

Traversing the axis mundi, the cosmic center of the Earth brings insight and the knowledge of other worlds. Artistas shaman engages in rituals by expanding the spectrum of sight and knowledge. Through an active engagement with matter, whether paint, metal, textile, light or shadow the viewer is presented with a new reality shaped by the actions of the artist.

“AXIS MUNDI" embraces "the center" in various forms: the human body as a pillar between Heaven and Earth by Mimi Harteg, t. The actual Shaman figure and her tools by sculptor Sofia Till, as Sven Reichelt captures both nature and vain human interventions manifesting itself in decaying urban space whereas Aga Tamiola explores insights into the language of shape in words and matter, and while Pavel Gemplers' subjects struggle to escape from two dimensionality into the present.