Sven Reichelt


Sven Reichelt

I came to photography because of my fascination of urban decay, which saved me from a serious life crisis in 2007.

During those days, it was abandoned buildings, that transmitted the intense tranquility that I needed sodesperately. It was these stories about people, and transience that floated into my mind, promising better days. It was the kind of distraction that steadied and soothed the soul.

My affection for urban decay has retained the sense of melancholy that inspires me. However, we Geminis have multiple faces. I soon discovered portrait and landscape photography. Each of these fields has its own charms, and this diversity is something that I hope to preserve. Ifeel happy and it evokes my creativity when I have th efreedom to switch between many styles, depending on my mood and creative inspiration.

As a portrait photographer, I love making use of amorphous materials such as water, flour, fog, and milk. In the interaction between the movements of subject and material, an infinite number of possibilities arise. The singular, unrepeatable nature of each of these moments keeps me highly engaged with my work. I came to realize that strict realism was not sufficientto depict all of the things coming from out of my head. Inevitably, I now embrace the medium of image manipulation and composition, which I will devote my timeto in the future. It gives me the opportunity to amalgamate all of my subjects into one another. The only constant in my continuing artistic development, has been andwill remain my faithful, beloved, melancholy.

Born 1970, in Leipzig and raised in the South of Germany, I ended up in Berlin because of my interest in art. Initially, I was trained as a chef, which was followed by discovering my passion for photography and image editingin 2007.