Spirit of the Mid Autumn Moon

Sep 1, 2008  -  Sep 30, 2008

FELLINI Gallery represents Shanghai Village artists that combine styles of eastern and western materials and inspiration. Fellini's artists create exiting and insightful work that engages the viewer and touches on themes of fashion, sex, history and the creation of human beings.

The current exhibits highlight Fu Yuehui, who's works explore the acceptance of China coming of age at an accelerated pace, Lv Hongliang's oil paintings that recreate scenes of melancholy and introspectiveness through the subject of Tang Dynasty women. Tong Jian-Ying,, whose calligraphy and ink and wash paintings represent a simultaneous adherence to traditional methods as well as the abstract. Chu youye who explores the relationship of visual understanding in a variety of media but on a single subject, the chair. FELLINI is proud to present you these artists representing China's new age of post modern art.