Utopia / Dystopia

Feb 16, 2017  -  Apr 16, 2017

The term 'utopia', coined by Thomas More, involves a pun: whereas utopia, in Greek, signifies 'no place', it's homophonic prefix eutopia signifies 'good place'. Where then lies the difference? As the term 'dystopia' now deems an ironic and sarcastic undertone, as it translates to 'anti no place'. For the beginning of 2017, Fellini Gallery presents to you a series of artworks that challenges your belief in the difference between 'Utopia' and 'Dystopia'. Throughout the exhibition, each of the artist's works invites you into their fictitious place where the idealistic thinking becomes obscured by apocalyptic space, suggests the symmetry of both utopia and dystopia in the mind of an individual.