Splitting Nature

Sep 14, 2023  -  Nov 14, 2023

Two artists exhibiting in the "Splitting Nature" each confront the dynamics of their own paradigm of nature. The selection works of Jamie Elimelech is an exploration of simple graphic forms, such as lines and dots, as its point of departure. Jamie explores how the power of existence can be expressed with a minimum of elements in the two-dimensional space of painting. Nature is present and is the center of introspection. How is nature compartmentalized by our minds and the technology at our disposal? The work is augmented with digital animation that allows the audience to engage via QR codes. Nostalgic memories of the past, Aza Soramame's mind became clouded stills the stress and anxiety of work, school, and socializing. His attempted escape from the all-encompassing mental fog is presented in this exhibition. Aza is able to break free from this fog, by standing on top of a mountain, looking down on a sea of fog, catching a glimpse of the blue sky and finally arriving at his place of escape through Nature.