Oct 20, 2016  -  Jan 5, 2017

Trance, day dreams and hypnosis indicate the immense diversity of psychological states, which present themselves to our consciousness in comparison to the daily wakefulness. In each of those states, reality is altered and interpreted in different ways, which is why different rules must apply. The shift in consciousness and persuasions of dreams allow for the exploration of those subjective inner worlds and their nature. This describes one of the general fundamental tasks of art.

For the exhibition, four artists from XTRO-Ateliers Schöneweide collaborated to bring forth METANOIA. From four different angles, the viewer is invited to explore the less familiar aspects of their inner self. Through the artists' creative powers and curiosity, the audience is guided towards an altered interpretation and fresh new model of reality. Only when the viewer's soul is permeated, only when we have been changed completely in our position and in our relationship to the surrounding world, has art truly accomplished its task.