Liberating the FEMALE SPIRIT

Jul 28, 2016  -  Oct 12, 2016

FELLINI Gallery presents a group exhibition of works by six female artists; each focused on channeling their empowerment and female liberty through their creative spirit.

The feminine spirit is liberated and strengthened through being with nature, through the reflection of Self, through creating beauty and elegance in her surroundings; simply by being. She is nurtured through the replenishment of real sexual loving that invites her into the intimate depths of herself.A woman becomes enlivened when she surrendersto the innate rhythms of her female body and her female psyche.

Who are you? Beyond your doubts, your fears, your insecurities? Who are you within the depths of your Self? Let go of your conditioning. Let go of your limitations. Let go of the weight that has been pressed upon you without your permission. Release the ties that bind you to past lovers, to past experiences, to past moments that are long since gone. Be who you truly are. Find your true place, your true center, your true purpose.Be a free Woman.