Art & Environment

Jun 22, 2017  -  Jul 29, 2017

FELLINI Gallery proudly presents "ART & ENVIRONMENT", a group exhibition featuring emerging international artists. An ecosystem also called as environment is a natural unit consisting of all plants, animals and micro-organisms functioning together. Each artist connects to the environment transformed by climate change.Valentina Bardazzi, depicts disease and the body which have been often the protagonists of her works. Ryo Endo represents a specimen of the energy generated by the flow of time. The intimacy of working on the bone of another sentient creature connects Becky Kraft to the precious nature of life in all forms. Pop spiritual by Daichi Matsusaki is like the sky that is distant but familiar and always in the background of all existence. The freedom offered by painting in relation to the imitation of reality inspires Pierre Mercier in the creation of compositions and environments open to interpretation.