Immemorial Foreseeing

Mar 25, 2010  -  Apr 25, 2010

In the past, artists have fortuitously unveiled their visions to us and to the future world. With the ability to foresee the future, their creations have always led us to what lies ahead. That is the raison d'être of these artists who manipulate time with freedom. These six visionaries—Takashi Arai, Masaya Hashimoto, Masamichi Ishimaru, Hiromi Iuchi, Masamitsu Katsu, and Ryuichi Ohira—are guides into the unseen future. Let their artwork lead you. Let them guide you towards your own unexplored future.

Masamitsu Katsu Masamichi Ishimaru Takashi Arai Ryuichi Ohira Masaya Hashimoto Hiromi Iuchi

25th March, 6pm at FELLINI Gallery