11月 8, 2012  -   1月 11, 2013

Hopes and dreams are considered a method of finding one’s self.

Whatever will be, is not always the case, or is it? ANGELENOS attempts to place issues overlooking the norm, and discuss life’s temptations through visual art. The artists entangle subject matters such as emotions, secrets, history, and social upbringing, playing a tune of feelings and awareness, and embellishing sovereign open-ended dreams.

ANGELENOS is a group exhibition featuring acclaimed and emerging artists: Tamara Fleming, Lori Geller, James Verbicky, Todd Williamson, and Rimi Yang.

The works of Rimi Yang playfully balance the contrast of chaotic affection and show a happiness, which cannot be explained through words. The glossy surfaces of James Verbicky's mix of sculpture and painting, bridge the gap between human culture and timelessness. The stirring strong lines in Todd Williamson's coursing color fields show a landscape of confidential secrecy. The multi-dimensional pieces by Lori Cozen-Geller reflect on the still frame of emotion and a detachment into a concrete form. The evaluative scenes by Tamara Fleming divulge into multi-layered gentle controversy. Without interruption, these bodies of work look into the states of mind united as ANGELENOS.

Curated and text by: Winston Torr