3月 22, 2012  -   5月 23, 2012

Playing on the themes evoked by the visionary director Federico Fellini’s semi-autobiographical film, AMARCORD examines the role of identity and memory in the production of contemporary international artworks.

As a powerful tool for creativity, memory is an integral part of artistic inspiration.  The production of modern film, theater, dance and visual artworks within the twentieth  century has been widely influenced not only by unique personal experiences, but also political events and social spheres within the wider scope of contemporary society. Artists from widely different backgrounds and artistic traditions now exchange and promote ideas in an increasingly globalized art world. The rapid exchange of creative ideas means that an artwork on the other side of the world is now only a click away.

AMARCORD seeks to address these issues by showcasing visual art from both sides of the globe. Whether critical, irreverent, or introspective, the artists delve into personal memory and the past, transforming them in their work. The artists wrestle with complex topics such as the veracity of history, the nature of interpretation, subjective versus objective truth, and the ways in which objects and images from the past embody individual cultural memory.

Curator: Alexander Lee