Yoshi Inoue


Yoshi Inoue

Artist Statement

For a long time, I was immersed in the field of industrial design, where I was involved in “monozukuri” or making things, for a multitude of users. My desire for monozukuri increased and grew to what is more accessible, monozukuri where I can leave my own imprint, and express myself as I absorbed myself into the world of pottery.

Generally speaking, pottery involves the following process: shaping → drying → bisque (initial) firing → glazing → final glaze firing. In the last step of the glaze firing, the artwork is placed in a kiln, and it is heated up to a very high temperature of more than 1200C which hardens the piece. The heat generated by the burning wood, the flow of the flames inside the kiln, and the temperature and humidity outside result in considerable differences in the finished product. Unlike painting and sculpture, ultimately, pottery is an art wherein pieces are finished not by hand, but by forces of the heat and fire, which is beyond our reach.

Clay, which comes from our mother nature also plays a major constituent. Each kind of clay has its own characteristics, and factors such as the region from where the soil is from to the amount of iron in the earth creates differences in the colors and surface texture of the finished product. In addition, the amount of shrinkage varies depending on the clay's drying and glaze firing. Furthermore, subtle differences in the mixing of the glaze's compounds causes drastic changes in the piece's final color and clarity. Clay, as well as glaze, are natural raw materials. Right now, I am especially particular about using original clay and glazes in creating my pieces. In using these natural materials, I am facing how extremely difficult it is to control them well. They contain realms that are inaccessible to me, areas that are beyond the reach of human hands.

In pottery, raw materials are with an attitude of humility, grasp their quality, and maximize their goodness. Ultimately, we need to come face-to-face with nature, have a conversation with it, and entrust everything to it. I believe that “monozkuri” begins by humbly acknowledging that there is very little that we humans can do in nature and emptying our mind and soul. That is when the ceramic journey begins.

























Born in 1955 in Tokyo. After graduating from the Industrial Design Department of Ikuei Technical College, he joined the design department of Panasonic Corporation. He was in charge of the design development of various home appliances (HA) and audio video communication products (AVC). He was also involved in the design of other products, greatly contributing to the management of the company.In 1994, he helped blaze a new trail in the burgeoning era of large-scale televisions. With their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan in attendance, he received an award for invention from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. He also established new company centers for design development in Frankfurt, Germany, and in San Diego, USA. As the first general manager of each center, he propelled product design development tailored to each market. After returning to Japan, he was appointed as head of the company's AVC design department. He retired from the company in 2013. Thereafter, he enrolled in the Ceramics Arts Course of Kyoto University of Art and Design. As a potter who was previously a designer, he creates various pieces such as flower vases and objet d' art with motifs of bamboo shoots and bamboo trees prominently featured in his latest works. Aiming for the harmonious co-existence of utility and aesthetics in his work, and being particular about utilizing self-made clay and glazes, he hopes to practice pottery-making that yields pieces that soothe and calm people's hearts and minds.

1955年 東京生まれ。育英工業高等専門学校(Ikuei Technical College)工業デザイン学科を卒業後、パナソニックのデザイン部門に入社。HA(Home Appliance)機器やAVC(Audio Video Communication)機器のデザイン開発を担当し、様々な製品のデザインを手掛け、パナソニックの経営に大きく寄与した。




その後、京都造形芸術大学(Kyoto Univ. of Art & Design)美術科陶芸コース入学。





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