Yohei Iketani

Yohei Iketani

Yohei Iketani was born in Shizuoka, Japan.
He has been a painter since he was a child and won many prizes in his childhood.
He was graduated from Yokohama Arts University Graphic Design in 2006 and started his career as a graphic designer in Tokyo after the graduation.

After the 2 years of working in Tokyo, he started his journey to draw.
It has been approximately 7years since he started it.
During his journey, he has been in many places mainly in Japan.
Sometimes, being in Island. Sometimes in countryside. Sometimes in a city.
All the experiences he has been through inspire his art works.
He has exhibited his art works in some solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo.

Yohei again started his career as a graphic designer in Osaka
and turned to freelance in 2012.
He was taught by Professor Takahiro Suzuki whom he met at Atelier Kaikou in Osaka.
Then he worked as an assistant to Mr Suzuki's art project collaboration with Nose electronic railway company.

In January 2015, he finally got to Berlin for the next step as a painter.
This stay is a big challenge and the Beginning of his artist life.

1985 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
2006 Graduated from Yokohama Arts University Graphic Design
2006 Worked as a Graphic Designer in Tokyo
2007 Travelled to Vancouver and Banff Canada
2008 Moved to Iriomote Island, Japan
2009 Moved to Tokyo, Japan and Solo Exhibition ‘IRIOMO-TEN’Tokyo
Moved to Gifu, Japan
2010 Moved to Kanagawa, Japan, Group Exhibitions ‘HEY AND R TEN’Kanagawa
Travelled to Hong Kong and Macau
2011 Moved to Hakone, Japan, Solo Exhibition Design Festa Tokyo
Solo Exhibition Art Festa In Tokyo Tower Tokyo
Travelled to Hokkaido
Moved to Okinawa
2012 Moved to Osaka, Japan, worked for Rhythm Graphic Designer in Osaka
Atelier Kaikou, taught by Suzuki Takahiro Teacher
Turned to freelance as a graphic designer
2013 Moved to Awaji Island, Japan, Furusato Incubation Art Project as a Awaji Staff
2014 Moved to Kyoto, Japan
Shared Atelier Kyoto, Iwaya Renovation Project Art Director
2015 Moved to Berlin, Germany



Yohei Iketani Artist statement

All of my inspirations come from a journey.
Since 2008, I have been on a journey. It is such a long one.
One day, I was in an island. One day, I was in a country side. One day, I was in a city.
Sometimes, staying for a few days. Sometimes, for a few months. Sometimes, for a year.
I have been to and in so many places.

Every time I can feel where I should go next.
There is no rule for deciding a destination. We can go wherever we can.
However, the destination is always set in my mind.
And I can alway find wonderful encounters at the destination.
Encountering with new people, new works and new possibilities.
All the experiences on the journey inspire me, and I draw and draw.
My life as a painter started when the journey began.

To be on a journey might be a life work to collect pieces and put them together for me.
Pieces are the important components of my life and they are scattered in the world.

Here I am in Berlin.
Never be further than I have ever been.
I am still collecting my pieces and this is my own way.