Stefano Bosis

Stefano Bosis

Stefano Bosis was born in Milan, Italy. Even at an early age Bosis gravitated toward performance and visual art. After attending courses in theatre and painting, he left Italy at the age of 19 to make his stage debut as an actor in England. As a genuine and curious polymath, Bosis tried his hand at portraiture as a charming street artist in Barcelona, and then returned to Italy to work as a firefighter. From there, Bosis went on to study digital communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, and thereafter gained experience as a TV and film actor, 3D artist and content manager. Painting, however, has remained a core passion - a point of origin to which he can always return. He officially showed his work for the first time at the Contemporary Art Fair in Reggio Emilia, in 2008.

Bosis’ grid category painting series organizes various interests in which he explores a comparison of commodities. He visually presents a collection of weapons in the same way as he presents a grid of delicious looking, although alas non-edible dishes - out of which arises an ironic consumerism between abundant excess and unrequited need.


“Good Enough to Eat”, curated by Francesco Tomba, Rotebete Gallery, Berlin 2012.
“Crudacarne”, curated by Mirko Paterno and Gabriele Mazzarina, Vicolungo (Novara),
Italy 2010.


“NachtUndNebeln”, Stefano Bosis & Rino Rinedda, curated by Rino Rinedda, CELL63
artgallery, Berlin 2012.

"Berliner Splendor", Berlin Art Week Kick Off, curated by Julie Brobeck from art-parasites
magazine, STATTBAD Wedding, Berlin 2012.

“Il linguaggio del corpo”, curated by Silvia Ceffa, Galleria Atena, Como, Italy 2011.

“La percezione del vuoto”, curated by Silvia Ceffa, Spazio Moderno, Arona, Italy 2011.
500 Contemporary Art Meeting, curated by Pamix, Spazio Concept, Milan, Italy 2011.

“Dazed and Refused”, Hurwundeki, London, England, 2011.
Open Box 2010, Istituto Grafico Don Milani, Venegono Inferiore (Varese) 2010.

“Impercettibili Forme Celesti”, curated by Next Arte, Galleria O.A.D. Rome, 2010.

“Inverart”, curated by raccolto, Inveruno, 2010.

“Inverart”, curated by raccolto, Inveruno , 2009.