Sofia Olander


Sofia Olander

As a textile designer, my artwork is deeply inspired by costumes and textiles. Accustomed to working with natural fibers such as wool and cotton, this sculptural installation is inspired by Nordic and Native American folk costume. It creates a story of the connection to the spiritual world executed by a Shaman figure. The installation is a snapshot of a ritual where a Shaman connects with the spirit world using tools and by reading the earth in front of her. The fictional Shaman tools are necessary to the story as it creates use of the past and the future, symbols of the long traditional actions of Shaman rituals. One aspect of the installation isrepeated items and a reflection of my aesthetic work as atextile printer.

Sofia Olander born 1972 in Uppsala, Sweden.

Today she lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm.

Film Theory I. and II. at Stockholms University, 2014

Current:Textile Artist, Berlin

Textiledesign, Freelancer, Berlin.

Kriss AB, Länna, Sweden.

Textile Buyer.
Promotex International, sl, Barcelona, Spain.

Graphic Designer.
Promotex International, sl, Barcelona, Spain.

Designer.LAVA,Barcelona, Spain.

Sofadesign,Barcelona, Spain.