Silvia Paci


Silvia Paci

Silvia Paci was born in Prato, Italy in 1990. She got a degree at Florence Academy of Art in 2012. She worked in a tattoo studio for one year but she left this job because she doesn't like it. Than she worked in a restaurant continuing to pursue her passion for painting.

"In my work I represent faces, bodies and human beings. I like disfigure, distort subjects and follow my instinct. Let me carry to see where the paint can bring me. I don't like perfection. I try to represent the frustration, the curiosity and the dissatisfaction. These are my feelings when I paint."



Even as a child I was always interested in drawing. I started copying the Manga, famous Japanese comics. When I grew up I approached the paintings through my father, a great lover of art. At first I saw the painting as something to admire, than I slowly discovered the meaning by using it as a tool to understand better myself and the world around me. Art for me makes questions.

2014 "Fragile corpo" Spazio espositivo via Firenzuola, Prato.

2014 "Prima Pagina Art Prize" il Resto Del Carlino, Artefiera, Bologna.