Sang-Won Lee

South Korea

Sang-Won Lee

The object of Sangwon Lee’s paintings is crowd. A crowd in a swimming pool or on the beach, escaping midsummer heat; a crowd of people strolling in the park and a crowd of skiers on the hillside. In these crowds can be found, he says, not only the exhaustion of ordinary life but also the rest and leisure to resolve it. As “social animals”, people instinctively tend to live collectively. Individuals crowding in Lee’s paintings interact with each other - gather and talk in groups of twos and threes, cooperate or turn away from each other. Looking into the individual watercolors, the viewer can almost hear the whispers, clamorous noises, cries for a companion, screams of danger, the whimpering and laughing of a baby.

To contain these various stories in a single picture, the artist, instead of enlarging the canvas, reduced the scale of the individual figures to achieve a bird’s-eye view.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 The MulHple, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2012 Space Color Movement, Sun contemporary, Seoul

2011 Leisure & Crowd, Space CAN, Seoul

2010 Eye of Beholder, Doosan Gallery, Seoul

2009 Patterns of Life, The Arts Centre of Christchurch, New Zealand

2008 Interphase of Our Life, KT Art Hall, Seoul

2007 the Resting Place, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul



Group Exhibitions

2014 Neo Sansu, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

2013 BuTerfly out of Eden, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
Sphere-Body-Landscape, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2012 Space and View, Sky Art Museum, Seoul

2011 Seoul, City Exploration, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul from a Distance, Keep a Distance, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul Somewhere Place, Cais Gallery, Seoul

2010 Lifescape in Art, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang Up and Comers, Total Museum, Seoul Distances, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 Variety, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon Look & Pick - Hello Urban Kids!, Hello Museum, Seoul New Harmony 5×5, Artmia, Beijing, China Paradis Artificiel-Nanjido Project, Nanji Gallery, Seoul

2008 Chronicle of Images, ARKO Arts Center, Seoul

2007 Visual Sound, Cais Gallery, Seoul

2006 Diversity in Form & Thought, Beijing Art Gallery of Imperial City, Beijing, China

2012 Cite internationale des arts, Paris, France

2011 Sky Art Young Artist, Sky Art Museum

2011 SeMA Young Artist, Seoul Museum of Art

2010 Resident Artist of Red Gate Studio, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China

2009 ARKO Young Art Frontier, ARKO

2008 Resident Artist of Nanji Art Studio, Seoul Museum of Art

2008 Korea-New Zealand Exchange Residency, The Arts Centre of Christchurch, New Zealand

2007 Resident Artist of Changdong National Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art

2007 Kumho Young Artist, Kumho Museum of Art