Pavel Gempler


Pavel Gempler

My paintings are multilayered and transparent multimedia works in which familiar characters and strangers taken from photographic reproductions merge with one another. They are constructed by applying acrylic or oil paints onto transparent cloth, which are subsequently clad onto the canvas. The interpictorial textures are created in which images disintegrate and simultaneously reform. The disparate surfaces enter into a dialogue with one another.

My works can be distinguished by the appearance of a"post-photographic" condition. I interweave photography techniques, such as double images, into the painting medium. Like photography, my images appear fragmented, yet they do not freeze time. The multimedia creations from common portraits to sumptuous mythological figures are consumed by an unfeasible desire to escape two-dimensional space andenter our present. These are paradoxical images despite the artistic technique of multiple tracing. Stillness conquers movement.

The multiple tracing technique transforms the appear anceson the canvas themselves into a trace. The motives are deconstruction through repetition, becoming unseizable due to their transparency. The double technique dynamic brings the figures in the images to life. The decorative elements and interior of the paintings strengthen this dynamic. They detach the double technique from its noteasily identifiable art historical context, while emphasizing the characteristics of distinct artistic techniques.

1981 Born in Ustobe, Kasachstan

1988-1998 Realschule (Secondary School)

1998 Immigration to Germany

2002 Abitur, Berlin

2002-2004 Creating ordered paintings in oils and acrylic

2004-2009 Studying Freie Kunst at Hochschule für KünsteBremen

2005-2008 Technical support and conduct assistence ofexhibitions, Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen as well asHochschule für Künste BremenSince

2010 Working as a free artist

2011 Dedication as a scene painter, HamburgischeStaatsoperExhibition assistence, Auktionshaus Hauswedell & Nolte

2005-2015 exhibitions in Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Köln,Lübeck, Bremen, in Georgien: Tbilisi and in GreatBritain: London