Oh You Kyeong

South Korea

Oh You Kyeong

Oh You Kyeong presents a ladder made from tracing paper – obviously, it is not meant to fulfil the traditional purpose of a ladder – together with a series of photographs that have been exposed to light. The colour of the photographs changes gradually from blue to gray. Through this, the artist displays the metamorphosis and history of objects, reveals their vulnerability, formability and potential. In presenting this metamorphosis, Kyeong intends the designation of a poetic space, where each object plays a distinct role, in order to activate the viewer’s fantasy. He concentrates on the social role of the artist, whose task it is to challenge the conventional perspective of the viewer.

Artist Statement
My work inevitably evokes the graphic world of cartoon. I try to represent scenes that probe the most intimate sentiments and obsessions : some of my work could be qualified as melancholic.  Set in a stage that is often surrealist, the characters live together or confront each other, in a complete absence of dialog. Though mostly anecdotes, they are an expression of my relation with others, with a community, or on a larger scale, with a social context.

Solo Exhibitions


2012 Flour world<Flower Project>, Gallery Si:zac, Seoul (Korea)

2011 ‘Dream of material’,OCI Museum, Seoul (Korea)

2009 ‘Dream of fly', Noam Gallery, Seoul (korea)

2007 ‘Metamorphose’, Centre Culturel Coréen, Paris (France)

2006 ‘Donner la vie', Gallery Apnée, Paris (France)


Selected Group Exhibitions

Aram Museum, Goyang-si, Korea
Drawing now, Carreau du temple, Paris, France
Condensation, Maison Hermes, Tokyo, Japan
White, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwang ju, Korea

Out of box, Hello Museum, Seoul, Korea
Transformation of the material, Moran Museum of Art, Namyangju-si, Korea
Nouvelle vague : Condensation, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
Ex, Espace des arts sans frontieres, Paris, France
Dematerialization / Materialization, Ieyoung Contemporary Art Museum, Suwon
Cool Running, Lotte gallery, Seoul, Korea
Butterfly of the Eden, Fellini Gellery, Berlin, Germany

Distances, Okayama art center, Okayama, JapanDigital, mountain, water, human, Gyeongnam art museum, Chang won, KoreaPower of woman Artist, Jeju art museum, Jeju, Korea


Young Artist project 2011:FUTUR LAB, Daegu Exco, Daegu (Korea)‘2nd Chongqing Biennale for young artists’, Chongqing Art museum, Chongqing (China)‘Platform festival’, Inchoen Art platform, Incheon (Korea)‘From a distance keep a distance’, Sungkok museum, Seoul (Korea)‘Bericht über die Erinnerung und Heilung, Korea Culture Center Germany, Berlin(Germany)

'Memophilia', Incheon Art Platform, Incheon (Korea)'Circulation-Contemporary Art Images & Installation', Daegu Culture &Art center, Daegu (Korea)'Travel with forest', Dream forest Arts center-Art museum, Seoul (Korea)'Di-stances', Kuandu museum, Taipei (Taiwan)'Autonomy Zone 1-130', Art council Korea ex-Center, Seoul (Korea)'Mountain manufactured', Crystal Cube/Incheon Art Platform, Incheon (Korea)'Di-stances', Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris (France)


'Against the Sculptural_Three Dimensions of Uncertainty', Museum of Seoul Seoul (Korea)'Paradis artificiel-Nanjido Project', Nanji Gallery, Seoul (Korea)'Paper Magic', Bangkok National Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand)'9th Songeun Artist Award', Insa Art center, Seoul (Korea)'New harmony 5*5', ARTMIA Foundation Gallery, Beijing (China)'Two plus-Beyond the time' Eve Gallery, Seoul (Korea)


'Contemporary Korean Art in the World 2-Paris-', Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts center, Seoul(korea)'Jeune creation 08', Grand halle de la vilette, Paris (France)'4th Itineraires/From door to door' Parc des Missions Africains, StPierre (France)'Mulhouse 008', Parc des expositions, Mulhouse (France)'Letter to Bernard', Miss china Gallery, Paris (France)

2012 Fondation d’entreprise d’Hermes, Paris, France

2012 Goyang art studio, Seoul national museum of art, Goyang, Korea

2011 Young Artists, Songam foundation, Korea

2009-2010 Incheon Art Platform Residency Pilot Program, 1rd Artist, Incheon, Korea2009Selected for the Songeun Art Aword

2008-2009 Nanji Art studio3rd Artist (long term), Seoul, Korea

2008 Cite internationale des arts Paris, France

2009-2010 Korean Cultural and Arts Promotion Fund, Young art frontier program, Arko, Korea