Mele de la Yglesia


Mele de la Yglesia

Mele de la Yglesia was born in Cádiz, on the sunny south east cost of Spain. She graduated in Visual Art from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and studied Design for one year at HAWK, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenchaft und Kunst, in Hildesheim, Germany.

Mele's artworks reflect on beauty. They transport the viewer to another place, another world for a brief moment. They involve and transfix the viewer, not by leading to a particular place but rather letting one roam in their own imagination.

Mele de la Yglesia’s creation of lines, forms, and shapes are based on those found in nature. The crowded and jumbled appearance of the pieces suggests a mysterious overgrown landscape, where behind each layer there is always another layer, hypnotizing the viewer and leading them into a trance.

The artist feels a strong connection to the past. She draws near old stories in order to search for links between her own life and that of others: although each one of us holds personal experiences and views, we all share the same history. Mele gives new meaning to forgotten old books, which would otherwise be thrown away, and thus gives them a new life - a life where words do not tell a story, but rather contain one.