Masaki Umetsu


Masaki Umetsu

Masaki Umetsu
Born 1978 in Yamagata, JapanLives and works in Berlin



The central motif of my work is based on two different viewpoints. On the one hand I attempt to convey an understanding of the transition of natural states e.g. from gas to liquid. This is related on the natural sciences through the use of untainted elements and phenomena such as water, sound, gravity, heat and light. For me this raises the question: Does the essence of the object lie in its form, or does it lie in the logos encapsulated within it? I examine the limit of this question through the nature of existence in its visible and invisible dimensions. On the other hand, I discover contradictions and hidden anomalies in the ordinary environment, and then try to break down the radical meaning to reconstruct elements again from a philosophical point of view. The tangled mass of information facing individuals in the modern world causes them to lose sight of their own outline. My works intend to reflect and represent the essential ontological landscape of modernity.

USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway (2013-2014)Rooftop studios, Berlin, Germany (2010)Artists Studio RONDO, Graz, Austria (2010)Skriduklaustur-Klaustrid, Egilsstadir, Iceland (2010)Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2009)Centre d'Art i Natura, Farrera, Spain (2009)Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2008-2009) Kunst- & Atelierhaus Meinblau, Berlin, Germany (2005)Universität der Künste Berlin; Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany (2004-2005)Musashino Art University; Scenography, Tokyo, Japan (1998-2002)

“Spectra-Color in Light” Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway (2013-2014)

“PrøveRommet” BIT Teatergarasjen, Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall + Østre, Bergen, Norway (2013)

“Ⅲ Moscow International Biennale for Young Art” MOMMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), Moscow, Russia (2012)

“Die Neue Form” Studios ID, Berlin, Germany (2012)

“Science Art: Non&Digital” Central Hause of Artists, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (2012)

“Lange Nacht der Bilder”, Lichtenberg, Berlin Germany (2012)

“Light Color Line / Licht Farbe Linie” Spreehöfe, Berlin, Germany (2012)

“Exstasi” Intelligence Department Studios, Berlin, Germany (2012)

“Tape Modern No.25, 4 years anniversary exhibition, curated by Uli Huthmann, Amir Fattal and Jonathan Margulies, Tape Modern, Berlin, Germany (2012)

“Masaki Umetsu - Dialogue (Lichtinstallation)” Sucked Orange Galerie, Berlin, Germany (2011)“TWO-studio exhibition” Rooftops, Berlin, Germany (2010)

“Rondomat-Atelier Rondo Jahresfeier” RONDO, Graz, Austria (2010)

“Außerdem-studio exhibition” Rooftops, Berlin, Germany (2010)

“five artists. four countries. ninety days in Graz. 
one evening of dance & visual art” RONDO, Graz, Austria (2010)

“Masaki Umetsu - Under the Fjord” Galleri Klaustri, Skriduklaustur, Egilsstadir, Iceland (2010)

“KOBE Biennale 2009, Kobe Meriken Park, Hyogo, Japan, (2009)

“Atelierroute” Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2009)

“dreimal zwei Augen, macht sechs (das müssten sogar Sie gerade noch ausrechnen können)” Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2009)

“Comunicat del Centre d’ Art i Natura” Centre d’ Art i Natura, Farrera, Spain  (2009)

“Masaki Umetsu - Order out of Chaos” Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2009)

“Shinxus-multiple exhibition” Gallery Tezz, Tokyo, Japan (2003)

“Landmines exhibition 2” Dragged Out Studio / Fads art space, Tokyo, Japan (2003)

“Spice for Space” Hillside forum, Tokyo, Japan (2001)

“Landmine exhibition” Fads art space, Tokyo, Japan (2001)“Masaki Umetsu - Pensées” Dragged Out Studio, Tokyo, Japan (2000)

“Transport- Green project” USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway (2013)

“Four squares” MOMMA: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia (2012)

“Dialogue- Green project” Studio-ID, Berlin, Germany (2011)

“Four squares- Green project” Rooftops, Berlin, Germany (2010)

“One evening of dance & visual art” Collaboration with Lindsay Alford and Mark Medrano, Rondo, Graz, Austria (2010)

“Distance - Green project” RONDO studio, Graz, Austria (2010)

“Under the Fjord- Green project” Skriduklaustur, Egilsstadir, Iceland (2010)

“Approach to the volcano” Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland (2010)

“Sapporo2” Collaboration with Kamiel Verschuren, organized by S-A.I.R, Hokkaido, Japan (2010)

“Floating Field- Green project” Hyogo, Japan (2010)

“Green Floe- Green project”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2009)

“Germinalabo” Centre d’ Art i Natura, Farrera, Spain (2009)

“Melting ice” Tokyo, Japan (2007)

“You-hyou” Tokyo (2007)

“Purity of the moment” “Void” Berlin, Germany (2006)

“Outline” “White out” Berlin, Germany (2005)

“Pansy” Dragged out Studio, Tokyo, Japan (2004)

“Spiral Top - Space art project” Feasibility study, NASDA: National Space Development Agency, Collaboration with Takuro Osaka, Nagoya, Japan (2002)

Kultur Service Gesellschaft Steiermark, Austria (2010)

The Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson, Island (2010)

The Nomura Cultural Foundation (2009)

The Asahi Shimbun Foundation (2009)

Bergens Tidende “Snur kunsten med solen” (20.12.2013) Ⅲ Moscow International Biennale For Young Art 2012 (2012)

LIGHT COLOR LINE/LICHT FARBE LINIE Graphic, Painting, Installation and Performance/Grafik, Malerei, Installation und Performance (2012)

Under the Fjord: Masaki UMETSU + Skriduklaustur, Exhibition documentary brochure, (2010)

Bizyutu-techo vol.10 2009 (2009)

Green Floe: Masaki UMETSU + Stichting Kaus Australis, Documentary brochure, (2009)

LA VANGUARDIA, 366, Pirineo, Pirineos “Como un poema zen”, (2009)

Germinalabo: Masaki UMETSU + Centre d’Art i Natura, Project documentary catalogue, Centre d’Art i Natura (2009)

Masaki Umetsu Works 2000-2006 Publisched by Fuji Xerox CO.,LTD, (2007)

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