Jeong-Woo Lee

South Korea

Jeong-Woo Lee

Jeong-Woo Lee uses erasure and deletion as an art practice. It is a strategy. The artist presents two series of photographs at Fellini Gallery. The series,“Ils sont artistes” (They are artists), shows people walking, who initially seem to be melting into the environment or emerging from it, as would a siren emerge from water or sink into it. In the “Nude Descending A Staircase”; their steps define a line. The technique used in this series is inspired by stop-motion photography developed by Eadweard Muybridge and the title is taken from Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2”. We can see they are following a route that seems totally independent from their environment. Artists surf on a different wave, tracing routes and paths that are unsuspected.

In the series “Voyage Dans Le Temps” (Time travel), the artist omits all that seems to have existed more recently than a certain date (1926), erasing space on black and white photographs by using a white crayon. The final product leaves only old people, old trees, and old buildings remaining. This erasure is a time boundary delimiting a space where reminiscences of the past confront the apprehension of the present.

Florence Reidenbach


Born in Seoul at 1972, Jeongwoo LEE’s art works began from sculpture. He had a master's degree of sculpture in Seoul before he started his new series by photo in Paris. When he found a question about the limited of real space around of sculpture, he decided to put the sculptures into a photo. His first solo exhibition of photo, titled <Travelers> began in 2011. <Stay> in this series published in 2013 on his third solo exhibition.


Artist Statement

The beings who go from “here” to “there,” these artists, yearn for the hour and the realm of the night. They long for the night. For it is at night that they reclaim their artist’s identity, and become master of their own time. Such an hour for them is only a moment. It is this moment that they barely managed to stay that Jeong-woo LEE captures. He was curious about this and that place of these people who during the day worked in the city of Paris. He went in search of their nights.

Solo Exhibition


« Voyage dans le temps » Space SI-JAC, Seoul


« Les Voyqgeurs » Space B-E, Seoul
« Espace murale – Objet mural » Space SI-JAC, Seoul



Group Exhibition


« Plant Island in a Flower pot » Atelier Gustave, Paris
« P&I Seoul Photo Fair » COEX, Seoul
« Time Travel with CHA Jae-Kyung » Space B-E, Seoul


« Premier Regard 10ans » Bastille Design Center, Paris


« The invisible love of yellow polar bear » Espace des arts sans frontières, Paris
« Du chemin familier » Maison des Association of 16th district, Paris


« Joong-Ang » Fine Art Exhibition, Ho-Am Art Hall, Seoul.« Sculpture Competition » Now on display in the Sculpture Park, Yi-Chon.


« Way to the Gallery » Total Museum, Jang-Heung.
« 21C On-Line », Doll Art Center, Seoul.
« Seoul 600years », Seoul Municipal Art Museum, Seoul.


« Humain Relations », Art Inside, Seoul.« 2000 Factory Art Festival », 2000 Factory, Yi-Chon.


1998 Installation in Hotel
« Dong-Shin », Seoul.
« Relations between Korea & Japan », Tama University, Tama(Japan).


1998 - 2003 15th - 20th Exhibitions

« Ye-Hong », Seoul.