Isabel Meyrelles


Isabel Meyrelles

Isabel Meyrelles is a Portuguese poet and sculptor born in 1929 in Matosinhos. She began studying sculpture in Port and then decided to go to Lisbon, where she became acquainted with artists gathering in cafes. She met personalities such as Mário de Cesariny and Cruzeiro Seixas and witnessed the emergence of the Portuguese Surrealist Group and The Surrealists, an artistic movement to which she was always somehow connected. But the times were hard in Portugal and Meyrelles felt the need to escape. It was then she decided to go to France, a country she identifies with. In Paris, she continued her studies. Apart from sculpture at the Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts she studied literature at the Sorbonne.


1971 Gallery São Mamede, Lisbon, Portugal

1984 Gallery Rome and Pavia, Porto, Portugal

1988 the Gallery of Caixa Geral Deposits, Paris, France

1992 Leo Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2002 Portuguese Consulate - General in Paris

2003 Centre Culturel Pontault - Combault

2004 Galeria São Mamede, " The Universe of Dreams "



1949 the Bookstore active, Lisbon

1950 5th overall exposure of the Fine Arts, Lisbon

1954 Salon des indépendants, Paris

1987 Leo Gaeria, Lisbon, Portugal

1996 Artur de Cruzeiro Seixas Gallery in São Mamede, Lisbon, Portugal