Hideaki Ota


Hideaki Ota

Artist Statemtent

I point the camera at the subjects, under the spell of their unique shape, motion and expression. I believe snapshots should always portray human. Photographs can give a story to a stranger on the street, when his body, expression and background coincidentally come into line.

Photographs can capture the moment of coincidence, while movie is so fluid that it needs to add deliberate dramatic effects.

Many of us perfer the dramatic moments, and seek for them somewhere in our hearts. My photographs can express a daily life as dramatically as possible, by secretly capturing the perfect moments of subjects.

Also, my photographs are in the eye of the beholder. Every viewer sees my photographs differently, depending on thier life experience. I wish my photographs will help you realize feelings of comfort and affluence in your life.



I was born in Saitama 1989.

my father is Photographer and Publisher, my older brother is Photographer in Japan as well.so since  I got affected with them I start to photograph.I work assistant of Takeaki Ota since 2012.then I started to journey.

I`ve always looking for private of parson, I believe strongly not born anything from short-journey.so basically I moved to city which is to be based at least more than each half a year.

I`ve been Toronto,Havana,Taiwan,Iriomote-Island,Yokohama and Kanazawa.then I moved to Berlin 2015.

My photograph of Havana was awarded the competition of Air-Canada 2013.

Now I joined Statt-lab. there is a Berlin based art community. As a non profit association.I published my photograph with them in a variety of ways.