Hannah Becher


Hannah Becher

Hannah Becher was born in the German city of Marburg in 1963 and studied Fine Art and Set Design at „Etage“ Berlin. She has participated in exhibitions across Germany, including a number of solo-exhibitions in Berlin and Dresden. She lives in Berlin.

In her paintings, Becher seeks to grasp hold of her surroundings through a perceptive art process. Most of her works are based on her own photography – raw images, digitally processed and edited to produce black and white prints. Becher cuts up the images to produce stencils, which subsequently come to define the painting process. While acrylic paint remains the primary medium, the main protagonists in her paintings are the areas left blank, which reveal natural shapes and industrial scenery. Through this technique, Becher creates a negative-positive aesthetic often seen in street art, while capturing acute images within scenes on canvas, carbon-paper, and fleece.

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Studio Bergmann, Berlin

2011 "Blanks", Galerie Dorisberlin, Berlin

2009 Berlin Fine Arts

2008 Feurig 59, Berlin

Galerie Kalaschnikow, Dresden (DE)

2005 Feurig 59, Berlin

2004 Galerie Vin d´Oc, Berlin

Guns and Ornaments, Berlin

2002 Galerie Pasteur Milchhof, Berlin

2001 Galerie Chatwins, Berlin

2000 Rooms, Berlin

1999 Adverta, Berlin


Group Shows

2013 "Smärz", Serendipity gallery, Berlin

2012 "Heiter sei…", Serendipity gallery, Berlin

"Last Orders", Galerie Dorisberlin, Berlin

"Bei genauerem Hinsehen", Serendipity gallery, Berlin

"Renaissance der Gesichter", Berlin

2011 Ausstellungsbeteiligung "hic sunt leones", Berlin

"Wie zahlreich.. ", Galerie Dorisberlin, Berlin

2005 K 44, Berlin

2004 Magistrale, Berlin

2003 Kunst im Speicher, Friedersdorf (DE)

Kunstmeile, Leer (DE)

2002 Schloß Dornum, Dornum (DE)

1999 Kunstmeile, Leer (DE)

1998 Galerie Zollhaus, Leer (DE)

1995 Galerie Acud, Berlin