Gustavo Sigal


Gustavo Sigal

[Artist Bio]

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sigal studied civil engineering at the University of Buenos Aires. At the same time he studied film making at Avellaneda University and with several independent filmmakers. His short film, “France 1943”, was selected for the International Festival of Mexico Toluca 2013 and was screened at the 2013 New York Independent Film Festival ¨Borimix¨. From 1996 to 2002, he studied fine arts with several masters, including Julio Barragán, Claudio Barragán and Alejandro Boim. Following his move to Montreal, Canada, Sigal taught oil painting and drawing at the “Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts” in Montreal, Canada for several years. His work has been exhibited in various countries including Argentina, Canada and Austria.


[Artist Statement]

In this global world, it becomes very difficult to talk about regionalisms, so I cannot talk about Latin American art, much less of an Argentinian art.

What can be said about my work is that it is created in Latin America and Argentina itself—places that are traversed by diverse realities. This means that I, myself, am a symbol for a strange reality where magic, saviors, saints, and corrupted governments are still part of everyday life. This means that, even though my work taps into other cultures, it keeps some traces of its own.

In my work, one can see ordinary people and their daily life according to my own perception, which is connected to unique impressions, as I attempt to create a bridge between pictorial and film expressions, leaving room for the spectator’s imagination.

A moment suspended in a cloth.

A frozen moment, life goes on, life goes by...

A coffee ready to be served, somebody hopes, inspiration that does not arrive...

What is going to happen? What happened? Does it matter?

Only the present portrayed, which is already part of the past, becoming our future nostalgia.

Our memory and the fantasy of a future only perceived as a link between what was and what is going to come.

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