Giuseppe Piovesan


Giuseppe Piovesan

Giuseppe Piovesan was born in Rio de Janeiro to Italian and Austrian parents. He received a cosmopolitan French education, and has lived in many cultural capitals including Paris, Copenhagen, London and Buenos Aires. He currently lives and works between Berlin and Brussels.

Piovesan works with many mediums. As a contemporary “plasticien”, his work ranges from tattoo art and photography to interior- and jewelry design and illustration. His work also involves fashion, as seen in his collaboration with Alexander McQueen.

One of the main aims in Piovesan’s work is to combine beautiful materials to reach a pinnacle of ultimate beauty. He sees this direction as a rebellion against the heavy current of “angst” and expressionist despair often seen in contemporary art. In his digital photography, Piovesan uses original analog photos from Rio de Janeiro taken in the 1980s and modifies them to create images of unique and idyllic women.


PREMA ARTS gallery, Berlin, 2012
Ortz Gallery, Paris, 2013
XLAB Gallery, Berlin, 2012

ZYX 21st Century Art, Brussels, Feb 2013
Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong 2012