Giampaolo di Cocco


Giampaolo di Cocco

Born in Florence, Italy, di Cocco's oeuvre spans over thirty years and positions its base in the nature of massive objects conjoined in space.With his experience and study of architecture, di Cocco has a fluent ability to use the "shape of space".  IN VIVO correspondingly utilizes the expansive labyrinthine realms of the gallery's architecture and stark lighting to situate the viewer in a surrounding of a cohesive multilayered atmosphere, an embodied arena in which time completes space.

The artistic practice of di Cocco evolved throughout his career. He began concentrating firstly on the collapse of grandeur and power with installations of shipwrecks "Grandi Naufragi", submarines and plane wrecks. These original starting points transformed overtime; out from mechanical crashed shells and he entered anew into "wrecks of animals". The installations taken as interrelated object entities are intended not as playful tragedies, but rather as places for meditative discovery, fascinating exploration and the urge for adventure.

2013- Wunderkammer, Gallerie d’Italia, Milan, Italy.

2013- 12 Hours by Night, Eclettico Spazi d’Arte, Florence, Ital, personal.

2013- V1 Scripta Volant, Immaginaria Gallery, Florence, Italy, personal.

2012- Il Doppio di Eros, Il Ponte Gallery, Florence, Italy, personal.

2009- La Danseuse Obsedante,Italian Cultural Institute, New York, U. S. A., personal.

2009- Relitti d’Occidente, Daniel Spoerri  Foundation, Seggiano, Italy, personal.

2009- Wunderkammer,  Palazzo Chianini Vincenti Municipal Gallery, Arezzo, Italy, personal.

2007- La Gaia Morte,  Mudima Foundation, Milan, Italy, personal.

2004- Grandi Naufragi,  Exotisme Gallery, Milan, Italy, personal

2004- Don Giovanni a Namur, Aloe& Wolf Gallery, Siena, Italy, personal

2003- Flesh for Fantasy, Delle Papesse Museum/Officina Giovani, Prato, Italy.

2003- Un cuscino per sognare, Sassi Studio, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

2002- Haus von Paulus, Kunstverein Skulptur Draussen, Cologne, Germany, personal.

2001- Nobiltà della sconfitta, bookshop Seeber, Florence, Italy, personal

1999- Car- Naval/ Atlantis II,  Exit Art Gallery, Cologne, Germany, personal.

1998- Elephantmemory, Zentrum Rathenau, Berlin, Germany, personal.

1997- Atlantis, Kassel  University, Germany.

1997- Mig 15/La Madre dei Sogni,   Imagery Gallery, Bari, Italy, personal.

1995- Car- Naval/Virginia I, Cargo Gallery, Marseille, France, personal.

1995- Cant I/Alma Divisa, bunker of Skagen, Denmark, personal.

1994- Car- Naval/Mirage I, French Cultural Institute, Florence, Italy, personal.

1992- Bus II, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy.

1990- Olympia- Zeppelin III,  Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany, personal.

1988- Grandi Naufragi VII,  Palazzo Datini, Prato, Italy, personal.

1987- Apicella Gallery, Bonn, Germany, personal.

1986 Fragile Sublime,  Schema Gallery, Florence, Italy.

1985- Vier Italiener aus Florenz, BBK Cologne, Germany.

1983- Vivita Gallery, Florence, Italy.

1983- Gisele Linder Gallery, Basel, Switzerland, personal.

1982- Vera Biondi Gallery, Florence, Italy, personal.

1980- Haus von Cicero,  AXA Gallery, Florence, Italy, personal.

1977- Untitled, Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Bologna, Italy.

1976- L’Indiano  Gallery, Florence, Italy, personal.

2011- First prize of Limen Arte contest for a work of sculpture awarded  by the Camera di Commercio di Vibo Valentia,  Italy.

2009- Acceptance of the video Wald at the Beyond Architecture international festival held in Florence, Italy.

2002- Received a recommendation at the contest  for the  Florence Underground, Italy.

1980- First prize awarded by the Lubiam Foundation for the painting, Sabbioneta, Italy.

1975- First prize awarded by the Pontello Foundation for the best thesis in architecture for the academic year 1974- ’75, Florence, Italy.