Filippo Ioco


Filippo Ioco

Filippo Ioco was born in Palermo, Italy, and grew up in North America, where he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Ioco uses a variety of materials and methods to express themes of gender and perception as well as sexuality and embodiment through art. In a technique he calls ‘the movement of color’, Ioco uses his bare hands to mix pigments into paint. He specializes in the fine art of body painting, applying paint to bodies, which offer themselves as beautiful walking arrays of saturated color. Within this method, Ioco stages live performances and documents the work on video. Ioco presents his work not only in high-art venues and gallery settings, but also in music videos, popular television shows, and commercials. He has also cooperated with leading interior design labels, well-known hotels and major retailers worldwide. Ioco also devotes a large part of his practice to philanthropic pursuits and charity.


Cero Space, “Contemplating Colors”, Los Angeles, California, 2011-12

Left Coast Galleries, Studio City, 2006

Silver Whale Gallery, “Bodies of Color”, - Photos 1993-1996, New York 1996.

Gallery 109 “Colorare”, Paintings on Paper and Bodies, New York 1994.


Airport Gallery 1, “1st Designer’s Avenue”, Photo Exhibit, MBM Gallery, Frankfurt,

“Erotic Material(s)”, Photo Exhibit, New York, 1995.

Graphis advertising annual 2002 “Beverage 30, 31” Wing Latino Group (Coors Light
Human Can)