Desi Civera


Desi Civera



Born in Valencia, Spain, 1987.


Desi's first contact with painting and drawing took place at an early age at the studio of artists’ Amparo Ballester and Matuca Nogales where she was first introduced to a number of innovative and diverse drawing techniques. Having discovered her ability and passion for painting, in 2006 Desi undertook a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In 2009 she was offered a scholarship to study at the renowned Academia di Brera in Milan (Italy) where she remained for a year and a half; further developing her studies and exhibiting her works in various galleries throughout the city.


In 2012 Desi relocated to Spain where she completed her undergraduate degree at the Complutense University of Madrid. She has since been based in Madrid where she has been participating in numerous exhibitions, both individually and as a member of a collective group of painters. Her work has continually focused around the fundamental artistic concept of the portrait. Through experimentation with different mediums and techniques, Desi’s work has attempted to capture the expressivity and essence of disparate situations.


Desi currently combines her personal projects as an artist with her position as an instructor at the El Enclave Art Academy in Madrid.