Caroline Creutzer


Caroline Creutzer

Caroline Creutzer was born in Linköping, Sweden in 1960, grew up in Paris and graduated from Oberlin College Ohio in 1982. After several years in the field of communications, she began sculpting professionally in 1995. Creutzer currently lives in Berlin.

Creutzer expresses through sculpture an adoration for visual aesthetics while relating to the viewer in a natural setting. She presents us with smooth surfaces – waves of marble, round and flowing, edgy where it implies a breaking wave. Other pieces demonstrate more narrative and complex compositions by contrasting rough shapes – bronze faces with uneven skin, chained together through their mouths. Her sculptures endeavor to enhance the simple magnificence of the raw material and, in part, to reveal its inherent meaning. Some of her pieces convey messages by presenting universal forms which initiate connected individual reflection. Through this, the artist enters a constant mute “dialogue” with the viewer.





2013 "Auf den Spuren des Sommers", Svenska Viktoriaförsamlingen, Berlin

"Spandau Kunstmeile", Berlin

"...Kultgefühle?...", Nestor Strasse 36, Wilmersdorf, Berlin

Caroline Creutzer in the Gallery "NP33", Norrköping (SE)

2012 Salon d´Automne, Champs-Elysées, Paris (FR)

SWEA Art, Cercle Suédois, Paris (FR)

Urania, Berlin

"Steine ohne Grenzen", Sculpture line Paris-Moskow, Berlin-Buch
Gallery 16, Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Gallery Aagaard, Berlin Alt-Hermsdorf
"lana e seta", Berlin-Fohnau

2011 "Auf der Sommertreppe", Svenska Victoriaförsamlingen, Berlin

2009 Gallery Gafert, Berlin

Berlin Art House, Berlin-Wilmersdorf

"Lebenspuls - Sculptures", Svenska Victoriaförsamlingen, Berlin

2008 "Flussmarmorkartoffeln", Die Weinscheune, Hohen Neuendorf, Brandenburg

"Steinschlag", School for Art and Communications (skuko), Hohen Neuendorf, Brandenburg

2007 "Under the three red beeches" Berlin-Frohnau

Collection Irena Eichler, Berlin

2006 "Anomalia", Gallery-33, Berlin

2005 "Town, Country, People", Gallery Storchenturm, Berlin

"Among Stones and Flowers", Svenska Victoriaförsamlingen, Berlin

2004 "Cultures", Gallery Chipo MUSANDI, Berlin

2003 "Encounter", Gallery Chipo MUSANDI, Berlin

2002 Fertility-Center, Berlin

2000 16 ème Salon St. Vincent, Villepreux (FR)

Biennale des Artistes des Yvelines, St. Nom-la-Bretèche (FR)