Aimef, born in Normandy, comes from a family of artists and art supporters.

Early, she practices classical dance and ballet.

Always interested in Art, even very young, she used to attend sculptures and painting exhibitions where she learned how to appreciate the most famous artists.

After literary studies she works in a big firm as senior manager for international activities.

But, quickly she leaves to be totally concentrated on painting.

She got the first drawing’s basis through the ‘méthode Martenot’. For a long time, she has been taking part in Annecy painting shops to improve her art which become a passion.

She met several famous painters who completed her formation during many years.

Then, she continued by herself to create, according to her inspiration.

Sea, sun and light are the basis of her inspiration.

Lover of beauty and day-dreaming, through the capture of light and atmosphere she leads you through her painting into a colourful, merry, original and sometimes exotic world, both figurative and abstract.

She paints her emotions in poetic ways, which hopefully become yours.

Through the colours she is definitively optimistic and takes you in her secret and imaginary world.



Award ‘Portrait Figuratif’ Concours 2015 ‘Ecole de la Loire’
Award of contemporary art and Silver medal Salon A.I.E.L. 2014
Composition award of ‘Ecole de la Loire’ I.A. Salon 2011
Bronze medal of A.I.E.L. Salon 2009