Karin Shikata / Ryo Ueno


Karin Shikata / Ryo Ueno

Kakejiku & Photography

I believe that the harmony of the photo, its mounting, and the place where it is hung can bring out the charm of the photograph even more. I collaborated with a Kakejiku artist. It is usually displayed on the wall of the tokonoma (alcove) in a Japanese house, but I wanted to challenge myself to display them more freely. So I took photographs of nature. We would like to continue experimenting with Kakejiku and photography in the future.

Photography : Karin Shikata / Kakejiku : Ryo Ueno

Karin Shikata is a photographer from Kobe, and now based in Berlin, Germany.
She studied photography & art direction in Japan and London. She moved to Berlin in 2016 and has been working as a freelance photographer and assistant to Olaf Blecker. Influenced by her experience as a stage performer, and collaborating with dancers, musicians and actors in Germany and Japan, Karin Shikata has produced movie posters and CD covers. She has held various exhibitions in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Tokyo.