Christian Pessing


Christian Pessing

„Energy made visible“ (B.H. Friedman about JacksonPollock)

My Works are interpretations of Movement, Music, contemplations of landscapes, and experimental Sexuality. Each Picture consists of four to ten interwoven layers. Every Layer represents astep sequence a „beat“ an areal or a sexual peak.

I work only with hard colour pencils on smooth paper or drawing cardboard. Fine lines as well as ornaments and dots are generated by colour pencil. In doing so i apply the colour thoroughly on the underground. This generates the impression of a print. In order to finish one picture i need considering the size between 40 and 800 hours.

I am most influenced by Jackson Pollock und Eugene Von Bruenchenhein. The art critic B.H. Friedman describes the work of Pollock as „Energy made visible“. Lacking a better describtion of my Work a aloud myself to use this quote as a headline of my body of work.