Art & Environment

Earlier this month, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. Nearly 200 nations joined together to create the historic pact in December 2015—the world's first truly global plan to curb climate change—and now, President Trump is saying the US will not honor its commitment. This is a time to stand by our commitments, deliver on our promises, and promote the economic opportunities of clean energy, not back away from progress. There is something each of us can do!

FELLINI Gallery is proud to present the group exhibition "ART & ENVIRONMENT" and 100% of the gallery proceeds will go to the environmental organization Greenpeace.

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FELLINI Gallery presents a 1 week limited time exhibition "Yoshi Inoue – Bamboo”

Our "Yoshi Inoue – Bamboo” Vernissage will be held on Thursday, 26. May 2016 from 19:00-21:00.
The artist Yoshi Inoue will be present, visiting from Japan.
At 20:00, we will have a music performance by classical saxophonist Chika Inoue.

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Art & Passion Event

What is art without passion? Passion is a primal emotion that connects human beings to nature, and the driving force that has propelled humans to invent the arts. Passion can embody many forms, material or abstract. Passion is not the middle ground, but runs the extreme gamut of either vibrant color or stoic minimalism. What unites the members of ART & PASSION are themes touching upon the evolution of humanity and its place in nature.

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Velocity Event

FELLINI Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition “VELOCITY" by Rike Beck, Marius Dan Focsan, Gérard Mursic, Yoh Nagao, Maika Romanow, Gustavo Sigal.

"The VELOCITY with which time flies is infinite, as is most apparent to those who look back" -Seneca the Younger (4 BC-AD 65)

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Blank Canvas Opening

“My father did not [...] buy us coloring books because ‘you will condition them to draw within someone else’s lines.’ Instead, we only got blank paper. Blank canvas - to craft our own work, our own ideas.” -Ben Zweibelson

FELLINI Gallery proudly presents “BLANK CANVAS,” a group exhibition featuring acclaimed international artists Jose Gonzalo Medellin Herrera, Lena Kami, Desi Civera, Mark Ashton Vey, Yohei Iketani, Silvia Paci and Shingo Ishida.

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Axis Mundi Opening

Traversing the axis mundi, the cosmic center of the Earth brings insight and the knowledge of other worlds. Artistas shaman engages in rituals by expanding the spectrum of sight and knowledge. Through an active engagement with matter, whether paint, metal, textile, light or shadow the viewer is presented with a new reality shaped by the actions of the artist.

“AXIS MUNDI" embraces "the center" in various forms: the human body as a pillar between Heaven and Earth by Mimi Harteg, t. The actual Shaman figure and her tools by sculptor Sofia Till, as Sven Reichelt captures both nature and vain human interventions manifesting itself in decaying urban space whereas Aga Tamiola explores insights into the language of shape in words and matter, and while Pavel Gemplers' subjects struggle to escape from two dimensionality into the present.

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Illusion in Art

The works chosen for this exhibition reflect the reality individuals create as manifestation of their perceptions of the material and immaterial worlds they inhabit. "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one", Albert Einstein. In this respect, one comes to opposition as in translating a language to represent this so-called reality.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." - George Bernard Shaw. Thus circular attempts one falls back to an altogether different "original" state. Effects of body and affect of mind linger inside of blurred lines, the "original" situation, in which the authenticity and the reliability of the individual is left again open to interpretation.

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No Limit Opening

FELLINI Gallery is proud to present "Energy Made Visible" FELLINI Gallery's solo exhibition by Christian Pessing and a group exhibition "NO LIMIT" by Hye-Young Kim, Jeremy Lynch, Marco Minozzi, Jan Poetter, Caterina Rancho and Giuseppe Velardo showcased simultaneously in three different venues within FELLINI Gallery Art Center.

Ph: Sven Reichelt /

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Art Leasing News

Art Leasing with Fellini Gallery
Fellini Gallery offers the very best in fine painting and sculpture carefully selected from the Asian and international art markets. We offer one week trial period in, which the lessor has the ability to live with a work of art in their own home or office space free of charge. After this period the client has the opportunity to enter a rental contract or to purchase a work of art. Although you can rent any work of art for as many three-month rental terms as you like, at the end of each rental term you have the option to buy the work. In each case, Fellini Gallery will apply 50% of the rental fees paid toward the purchase price.

Create new views at home
Leasing a work of art provides an easy way of experiencing a work of art on an intimate level and creating an atmosphere. Low monthly pricing and in-home consultation makes it easy to find the artwork which best suits your space.

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Butterfly From The Kaleidoscope Opening

A sequel group exhibition featuring an ambitious showcase of emerging artists: Kwang-Hwa CHUNG, Woojung HOH, Jeong-Woo LEE, Sang-Won LEE, Soon-Young LEE, Hyunjung LIM, Jung-Yeon MIN, You Kyeong OH, Shoi, Ji-Yeon SUNG, Ji-Eun YOON and Keum Dong Won,  linked to last years' show titled "Butterflies out of Eden". The word "Kaleidoscope" refers to a cylinder containing three mirrors, placed at 60 degree angles facing each other, with small objects that rotate inside.  When one looks in the cylinder, the tumbling objects make colorful symmetrical patterns.  The butterfly finds itself in such a situation, and goes out again; out of the paradigmatic mathematical kaleidoscopic cocoon, out of the transient anonymous fragmented symbiotic postmodern womb, out of a meaningless infinity of colorful reflections.  Finally one may personally witness here, creators making their own defined realms of freedom.

Captured Nature Opening

The theme of the show focuses on each individual’s critical perspectives arising from and reflecting on their use of natural surroundings. “There are things known and there are things unknown and in between those are the doors of perception.” (Huxley) “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite” (Blake). The works selected for this exhibition demonstrate the artist as active perceiver entwined in a role played by the body as catalyst for perception. The reflections of self entail a totality not merely about that which is inside the skin, but an integrated total environment. “If we don’t experience ourselves in this way, we mistreat our environment. We treat it as an enemy. We try to beat it into submission, and if we do that comes disaster” (Watts).

Stefano Bosis and Roland Kunos are the joint curators for "CAPTURE NATURE"

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Weekend Workshops

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, FELLINI Gallery is pleased to present the exciting series of weekend workshops, offering photography lessons and drawing/painting workshops. Photography workshop taught by a Deutsch Bank award winning photographer.  For more information, click on WORKSHOP.

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Fellini Gallery

Available for RENT: Ground Floor Studio

On May 1, 2014, available for rent: beautiful ground floor studio with over 4 meter ceiling with big sunny windows, 450m2, can be divided according to each artist’s requirement.

Memories Opening

Memories explores the complex cyclical relationship between the act of remembering, depicting and re-observing. The way a topic is depicted may be influenced by past experiences and their consequent impacts. The representational works in this exhibition explore the journey between now and then, resulting in the depiction of layered and varying emotions.
Contemporary reality has become an alibi for a virtual world, in which we are all submerged.  In this scenario, our memories resemble a Platonic cave where one can find one's real self, or one's darkest nightmares. The mind, with the power to reinterpret truth through memory, presents us with intriguing collections of images that combine the physical, analytic and emotional aspects of our world.

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Short Film Night


FELLINI Gallery is proud to present award winning short films from around the world!

"The Pub" by Joseph Pierce from England
"She" by Seong-hyeok Moon from Korea
"ALLFADER" by Fredrik S. Hana from Norway
"La Huida" by Victor Carrey from Spain
"Sleepover LA" by Lily Baldwin from U.S.A.


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IN VIVO Opening

Born in Florence, Italy, di Cocco's oeuvre spans over thirty years and positions its base in the nature of massive objects conjoined in space.With his experience and study of architecture, di Cocco has a fluent ability to use the "shape of space".  IN VIVO correspondingly utilizes the expansive labyrinthine realms of the gallery's architecture and stark lighting to situate the viewer in a surrounding of a cohesive multilayered atmosphere, an embodied arena in which time completes space.

The artistic practice of di Cocco evolved throughout his career. He began concentrating firstly on the collapse of grandeur and power with installations of shipwrecks "Grandi Naufragi", submarines and plane wrecks. These original starting points transformed overtime; out from mechanical crashed shells and he entered anew into "wrecks of animals". The installations taken as interrelated object entities are intended not as playful tragedies, but rather as places for meditative discovery, fascinating exploration and the urge for adventure.

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Fellini Gallery is pleased to present “Hibiki”, an exclusive art event dedicated to Japanese food, art, and culture. In this unique collaboration, we will introduce a number of Japanese performance artists living in Berlin and share an evening of artistic exchange with our guests and friends. The event title “Hibiki” is a traditional Japanese word meaning “resonance”, a sound or energy which reverberates from one point to another in the form of wave-shaped vibrations. Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between two or more different storage modes. On this day, it is up to our guests, which Hibiki they will receive or themselves release.

Let the resonance be part of your lives, let it transform you and discover the unknown.

21st Century Portuguese Surrealism

21st Century Portuguese Surrealism

FELLINI Gallery is pleased to present, 21st Portuguese artists. Each artist approaches through their own process examples of surrealism that reflect on subconscious undercurrents of daily life. 

Joao Cavalho's rich oil paintings bring to fore a sense of frozen time, instances often of silent memory, mysterious objects and deserted subjectivity. The detailed paintings by Helio Cunha gleam in a mysterious and magnetic way, attracting through the power of their object-ness a protrusion, as if wanting to be uncovered. Victor Lage's realistic graphite drawings of natural dream-like scenes seem both spiritual/otherworldly while at the same time holding to a documentary precision. In his intricate paintings, Santiago Ribeiro meticulously portrays the collective unconscious of crowds, where individuals remain small elements of shifting universes, and cities are subjected to swayed perspectives. Isabel Meyrelles intimate sculptures inject a malleable playfulness into the impossible and allow simple disjunctures of objective meaning to indulge unlimited fantasy. The black and white digital manipulations by Paula Rosa centralize on the deconstructed human body, uniting it as housing for industrial structures that are embedded before skies of infinitely pluming smoke.

“21st Century Portuguese Surrealism” is a group exhibition, initiated by the participating artists Santiago Ribeiro and Victor Lages and follows from the initial show “International Surrealism Now”, which took place in Coimbra, Portugal in 2010. Thereafter it has been presented in Conímbriga, Setúbal and Lisbon, as well as in Madrid and in Paris.

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Me My Sphere and I

Me, My Sphere and I presents the artist as careful observer and conveyor. Uniting 7 artists working in a diverse range of mediums, each drive their concept through the strong, symbiotic relationship involved with their media, ultimately their vehicle for expression, in correspondence with an understanding of their own personal surroundings.

Although disparate in their aesthetic, collectively each artist deals with an interpretation and subjective reflection on relationship with space, surroundings, object and experiences or, as the title of the show more intimately suggests, their relationships within the sphere of self.

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Interlude Italiana

Polarities within art, society and the individual bring about moments of breath-taking transience. The artists of "Interlude Italiana" each confront the dynamics of their own paradigm of extremes; be it beauty versus decay, birth versus destruction, or abundance versus lack. The works embody the celebration of beauty with the analysis of decay, where negative and positive in opposition become manifest by defining each other.

The works of Dario Puggioni reflect on the given antinomies of human bodies, by showing the organic versus creative processes of annihilation. The mixed media portraits by Giuseppe Piovesan as well, present beauty resulting from darkness, elegance existing through obscurity. The work of Fillipo Ioco contrasts this fascination again through the use of both natural and fabricated visual beauty within frames and extending out - onto the human body itself. The sculptural work by Alessandro Lupi as well presents opposition in representing the body itself as object of experiential embodied perception. The evanescent landscapes of Sergio Tarantino utilize a digital medium to transform the organic exterior out of organic details, whilst examining the dynamic aesthetics of the outside from within. The gridded commodity paintings by Stefano Bosis, depicting guns and food, pointedly demonstrate a frozen lack, spurred by abundance.

Together the works of "Interlude Italiana" are fueled by the inclination to find pause between extremes.

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Butterflies Out of Eden Opening

All of the artists represented in this exhibition are Korean, living in France. However it is not important, where they come from, or what land they live in now. The point is that they have left their country of origin. Like the butterflies that left the Garden of Eden, they wander through the facets of daily life - work, education, immigration politics and tourism.

The nomad life brings a spread of ideas, opinions and different ways of thinking. In this perpetual mobility, artworks with an expression of culture shock inevitably arise. We suggest now, to observe the lively way of each artist. The themes and different paths of each are for us, just as enticing as those of the "butterflies".

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Hopes and dreams are considered a method of finding one’s self.

What ever will be, is not always the cases, or is it? ANGELENOS attempts to place issues overlooking the norm, and discuss life’s temptations through visual arts. The artists entangle subject matters such as emotions, secrets, history, and social upbringing, playing a tune of feelings and awareness, and embellishing sovereign open-ended dreams.

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FELLINI Halloween Party 2012

Photos by: Emiliano Fernandez

FELLINI Halloween Party

Dear friends & artlovers,

19 years ago on the 31st of October, the legendary film director Federico Fellini
passed away, and in his honor, we will celebrate his films and his legacy.

You are invited to an amazing HALLOWEEN PARTY at
the FELLINI Gallery on the 31st of October, from 19.00-23.00

Join us for an evening of fun with interesting people,
live music and a prize for the best costume!

Dresscode: Halloween (Give it an italian touch and dress as your
favorite Fellini character!)

Entrance: €5,00 incl. one drink

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Berlin Renaissance

A visual journey from the real to the surreal, a mesmerizing quest in analysis and experience with varied symbolism of five diverse artists and their inventive labyrinths. Travel amongst the ethereal, fragile landscapes of Mexican artist Vanessa Enriquez. Play in the world of Friedrich Heuss’s childlike scenes of myth and fancy. Wade through Winston Torr’s studies of human culture, in his temporal works of decay and figuration. Contemplate the gentle symbols of freedom, femininity, and reproduction in the works of Leipzig artist Martina Munse. Examine the bright, dizzy array of socio-human abstraction in the rich works of Alexander di Vasos. Together, these artists present an underground world of distinct individual renaissances for your aesthetic pleasure.

Berlin-Italy Aperitivo

On March 29th, 2012 FELLINI Gallery hosted an aperitivo with the Italian Chamber of Commerce with the theme "Berlinitaly". Berlinitaly was brought to life by a group of Italian and German professionals from the various fields - from real estate to design, fashion to marketing, and photography to illustration. The idea behind Berlinitaly was to create a network of professionals from both countries, to offer possibilities of working together to promote and exchange business ideas. A growing Italian community in Berlin welcomed the idea with over 200 members in attendance. During the event, Berlinitaly guests appreciated FELLINI gallery exhibition artworks, along with good music, wine and hors d'oeuvres.

FELLINI Gallery Private Viewing

FELLINI Gallery held a private art viewing for a select number of guests. Works of film, sculpture, photography, and painting from 9 international artists were on display throughout the gallery's newly renovated exhibition and atelier space. The event, titled AMARCORD after Federico Fellini's film of the same name, was curated around the theme of memory in the production of contemporary artwork.

Fine wine and hors d'oeuvres were served throughout the evening in the reception area of the private gallery as guests were entertained by the music of avant-garde cellist David Fernàndez.

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Mele de la Yglesia

FELLINI Gallery Mural

The FELLINI Gallery Mural project coincided with the renovation of FELLINI Gallery. After 2 months of work, it brought together artists of diverse cultural backgrounds in one experience, combining a variety of medias and references.

The artists expressed their distinctive and unusual styles with their own interpretations of free ideas. The result was a transformation of the gallery backyards into vivid and diverse displays of an imaginary world, which come to take on a life form of its own. These images have been inviting viewers eversince to a journey through a dream-like land, attracting many random passengers to explore its landscapes and evoke their imagination.

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